Northeast Oklahoma Al-Anon Registration/Group Records Change Form

1. Group Record

2. Status

3. Changes

4. Group/Registration Overview

Reflects Al-Anon principles and is inviting to all. See instructions to fill out the GR-1 Form. Please note that group names not in compliance witht he Al-Anon policy will delay processing of the registration. Contact your Area Group Records Coordinator or the WSO for further information.

5. Meeting Details

Additional Meeting

*Held in conjunction with a regular Al-Anon group meeting: not considered an Al-Anon group. Provides newcomers a single introduction to Al-Anon.
**Attendance changes frequently; not considered an Al-Anon group. Attendees are invited to go to regular Al-Anon meetings.

6. Current Mailing Address (WSO mail for the group is sent to the CMA postal and email address)